Saturday, May 26, 2012

Oh the decisions

So I am sitting here at the beginning of a new day of vacation while the fam prepares for tourist battle, reflecting on my war gaming choices. Let me say that I love the idea and fluff behind Warmachine and Hordes, but the games themselves tend toward the formulaic and rote side. The games don't last very long, and the idea of a mass force against another slugging it out just isn't there for me. My other option is Games Workshop. Every time I have invested money or thought into something GW related, they come along and fuck it up. Every time. They either change the rules, add a new edition invalidating what I own, power creep something so that playing isn't fun, or just out and out rape my wallet. GW is the granddaddy game company for a reason though...solid rules, over complicated rules that make sense to only a few (whfb, I'm looking at you) but with beautiful models, and good fluff/feel. Thats the end of this rant/thought circle jerk. May your dice cause your opponents fits!

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